Youth Camps

Youth Hunting Camp

First Year Program: The goal of the Freshman Class is to obtain their Hunter Safety Certificate. We will utilize certified instructors as well as modern training techniques, for our Hunter Education Classes. The freshman will also be introduced to their initial range activity, which includes small bore rifle, air rifle, pistol, archery, shotgun and muzzleloader.

Second Year Program: The Sophomore Class will learn primitive living techniques, survival skills, initial watercraft safety, the art of taxidermy, plus attend waterfowl and trapping clinics. This class will also revisit the various ranges, plus make their own knife.

Third Year Program: The Junior Class will be participating in a variety of shooting and outdoors classes. Again, we will employ both classroom and hands on training. The juniors will be motor boating on beautiful Leesville Lake. This class will shoot an advanced archery 3D course, plus visit the pistol, air rifle, muzzle-loader and shotgun ranges.

Fourth Year Program: This Senior Class will attend a Gun Dog and Pheasant Clinic in preparation for their Pheasant Hunt Field Trial Over Dogs, in Ohio’s Rolling Hills. Other activities include high ropes, kayaking, cooking and a map reading course. The seniors will also attend turkey and deer clinics.

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Youth Fishing Camp

The Lake and Trails Youth Fishing Camp is a five-year program designed for youngsters 9 years of age and older. Each year the Kids will acquire new skills, from certified instructors, Ohio Division of Watercraft and Wildlife Officers. This program offers education and plenty of time to fish the beautiful Leesville Lake in Ohio.

The first year will focus on basic water safety, knot tying, lure making, fly tying, basic casting, trout pond and lake fishing.

In addition to reviewing some of the skills they learned their first year, second year students will attend a a canoeing course, cooking class, spin casting, cooking, and crappie fishing on Leesville Lake.

During the third year camp, the youngsters will be paddling into their kayaking course, topographical structure, bow fishing, fly tying, fly casting techniques, fly fishing a trout stream and crappie fishing.

Fourth-year students continue the program by motor boating on Leesville Lake, learning trolling techniques, muskie lure making, muskie fishing, and trout stream fly fishing. These students will make there own filet knife.

We’ve recently added a fifth-year program. In addition to honing their fishing skills, these students will learn to make their own fishing rod!

Every 1st-year student will receive their very own rod and reel combo, as well as, various fishing tackle. All students attended an Aquatic Habitat Conservation and Ohio Law classes, plus Water Rescue and Electro-Fishing Demonstrations.

The camp is always the first weekend in May (Friday morning to Sunday afternoon).

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